Under the provisions of NJSA 18A, Article 6, the State Board of Education authorized the establishment of The Educational Services Commission of Morris County on September 8, 1970. The purpose of the ESC is to provide a variety of services cooperatively for the school districts of Morris County and surrounding areas. These services included: data processing and computer services, special education services, special education schools, transportation services, collective purchasing services and other programs of an experimental, exemplary or demonstration nature. Since that time, the ESC has been a leader in delivering shared and coordinated programs and services, which provide cost effective and efficient opportunities for districts to meet their responsibilities in providing educational services for their students and communities.


A full list and description of ESC offerings is provided in this website, along with other information to assist districts in sharing services. If you have any questions regarding ESC programs or services, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you to promote excellence in education through proven models of cooperation.